Türkiye’s digital nomad visa now available online

Türkiye’s digital nomad pre-application platform Digital Nomad GoTürkiye is now available, allowing Canadians more flexibility to work remotely from the country.

Gaining popularity following the COVID-19 pandemic, digital nomads capitalize on remote work by travelling the world and logging on wherever they have an internet connection.

Türkiye, with its robust technology infrastructure, easily accessible location, and highly advanced digital banking and payment systems has become a popular destination for digital nomads in recent years.

With a Digital Nomad Visa, visitors can extend their stay in Türkiye and enjoy the country’s unique beauty while they make use of high-speed internet and cellular connectivity in its major cities.

How to become a digital nomad in Türkiye

In order to obtain a Digital Nomad Identification Certificate, one must upload the following documents after signing up on the platform:

  • Travel document/passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Türkiye
  • Higher Education diploma or diploma substitute document
  • Document showing that the applicant works as a Digital Nomad, which can be either:
    • A contract if working for a company (except companies in Tükiye)
    • OR
    • If self-employed, proof of contracted work between the applicant and the company  (except companies in Türkiye)
  • Biometric photo
  • Document proving that the applicant has a monthly income of 3,000 USD or an annual income of 36,000 USD

Who can become a digital nomad in Türkiye?

Citizens of Canada and the United States aged 21-55 can apply for a digital nomad visa in Türkiye, along with many European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

For a full list of eligible countries, click here.