Turtle Bay Resort unveils North Shore Guides Club

Turtle Bay Resort is launching a new way for guests to experience and learn about Oahu’s fabled North Shore: The North Shore Guides Club. Providing access to the inaccessible, the North Shore Guides Club is designed to enhance connections to the North Shore through the insider knowledge of an experienced team of select resort employees. The club will help guests see the North Shore through the eyes of a local, creating authentic memories that will last a lifetime. “The guided experience is core to our goal of fully realizing the potential of the only destination resort on Oahu’s fabled North Shore,”said Mark Taylor, experience creator and consultant for Turtle Bay. “Today’s knowledgeable traveler wants to fully immerse themselves in local culture, in their own way. This includes elements of art, music, history and adventure. We will be the first beach resort in the world with this type of connection to our community and environment.”The Guides Club is made up of more than 30 members who will host guests throughout the resort’s onsite programs and activities. Each guide has skills unique to their trade that provide a mastery of the North Shore’s land, water, and culture. The club will also include a team of Lead Guides – the top experts in their sport or fields – including surfer and stand up paddleboard competitor Rocky Canon, and kayaker Drew Wilkenson. (http://www.NorthShoreGuidesClub.com)