U.S. Still Tops For Canadian Snowbirds, But Interest In International Destinations Grows

A new survey from Snowbird Advisor reports that the United States continues to be the top destination for Canadian Snowbirds by a wide margin, but interest in international destinations is growing, particularly among newer snowbirds.

Snowbird Advisor is a leading online resource for Canadian snowbirds. The survey, which was conducted among Snowbird Advisor members in the first week of November 2023, had over 4,500 responses.

86% of survey respondents currently spend their winters in the U.S. with 14% spending their winters in a variety of international destinations. However, 25% of newer snowbirds said they were interested in exploring international destinations.

In terms of where snowbirds are going, the survey revealed that the top 5 current destinations for snowbirds are 1. Florida; 2. Arizona; 3. California; 4. Mexico; and 5. Texas.

Other destinations that attract snowbirds include South Carolina, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica and Panama.

Stephen Fine, president and founder of Snowbird Advisor, said: “The U.S. has always been and continues to be the most popular destination for Canadian snowbirds, but we are seeing a growing trend among snowbirds who choose to spend their winters in other destinations.”

Fine pointed out that: “This is particularly true among newer snowbirds, who are more likely to consider international destinations and less likely to go to the same destination year after year – at least for the first few years after becoming snowbirds.”

Additional findings include:

  • Over 70% of respondents spend 3 months or more away each winter.
  • 78% go to the same destination every year, while 22% move around to different destinations each year. However, among newer snowbirds the percentage who plan on moving around to different destinations each year jumped to over 37%.
  • 68% of snowbirds who go to the U.S. drive to their destination, while 32% fly.
  • For accommodations, 50% own either a house, condo or manufactured home in their winter destination, 40% either rent or stay in a hotel or resort and 10% own an RV.
  • 77% have family and friends come to visit them while they are away during the winter.
  • Almost 38% come back to Canada one time during the winter and 12% come home two to three times over the winter.

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Photo courtesy snowbirdadvisor.ca