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Go Under The Sea With Scenic

Scenic Eclipse is redefining the standard of ocean cruising, providing guests with unparalleled underwater experiences on board the Scenic Neptune U Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7.

Capable of diving to 300 metres, or 984 feet, with seating for up to six guests, the submarine has been custom-built for optimal sightseeing of marine wonders, offering guests an excursion into the wide blue depths, and unique access to some of nature’s most beautiful sites.

Scenic founder and chairman, Glen Moroney, says the submarine will offer guests a unique opportunity to go below and beyond.

“Scenic has always sought to venture beyond the horizon, and with our submarine we provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy access to some of nature’s most beautiful marine environments. From inside the U-Boat Worx submersibles, each guest will enjoy an uninterrupted view thanks to the strategic placement of all components and the use of an ultra-clear acrylic hull, expertly engineered to make you feel at one with the ocean,” Moroney said.

The U-Boat Worx submarine is designed to meet international noise standards, and to provide unmatched comfort, space and style, with maximum legroom and headroom while keeping overall weight and size to a minimum. This combination delivers the ultimate diving experience. Internal climate control and a surround sound music system form part of the fine detailing, together with the optimum ergo dynamics to facilitate ease of boarding and disembarking.

“The sub is able to do from 8 to 12 dives per day, depending on the length of dive, giving as many guests as possible access to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because the cabin is pressurized, there is also no need for a slow ascent or descent. One of the thrills for guests is a fast, upward journey where

they pop out from below the ocean with a splash,” Moroney explained.

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