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Upwrap Good With ME to WE

ME to WE is inviting those planning to distribute gifts when December rolls around to also spread some tidings of comfort and joy in parts of the world where many struggle financially.

The Ontario-based organization – started by brothers Marc and Craig Kielburger over 20 years ago and which likes to say it provides a hand up rather than a handout in parts of Latin America, Africa and Asia – Tuesday unveiled the Christmas gifts it will be offering this fall, with money raised divided between helping fund such ME to WE projects as providing schooling in the likes of Kenya and funding charities it’s involved with.

ME to WE is using the tagline Unwrap Good to promote the Christmas offerings.

“I think it’s a fantastic chance to make a difference, helping to better others,” Roxanne Joyal, ME to WE CEO told PressToday.

Among “socially conscious” gift options are bracelets made by women in Kenya that helped fund meals for school children, meals that Joyal said may be the only nutritious meal students get over the course of a day. The project also helps female empowerment, she added.

Other Christmas gifts ME to WE is offering include Ecuadorean chocolate and coffee, and Kenyan-made necklaces.

“When you get something with us, you’re doing something tremendous,” added Joyal’s colleague Wanda O’Brien. “Every single ME to WE piece helps to create financial independence.”

O’Brien said ME to WE carefully monitors working conditions at projects it’s involved in.

ME to WE products are now sold at more than 12,000 locations throughout North America, including its store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

Products can also be ordered through

ME to WE reports it has raised more than $10 million for its WE Charity projects since 2009 and more than 1,400 Kenyan women are employed through WE Artisans, one of its branches.

Pictured are ME to WE’s O’Brien, Asha Mullings, Cassia Tofan and Laura Kucharchuk.

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