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US Tops List, New Zealand One to Watch

Virtuoso Releases Top Destinations for Canadian Travellers


Virtuoso has released its top destinations for Canadian travellers in 2014 which see the United States leading the way.

Harnessing data collected from its 13 travel agency members, with 30 locations throughout the country, from April 2012 – March 2014, the network set out to answer the following questions: where do Canadians like to travel, and what is increasing in popularity – in other words, “what’s hot?” The answer is clear – the United States, and specifically warm weather spots, sit at the top of Canadian traveller’s lists.

For total sales, the US leads the charge, accounting for 53% of bookings. All subsequent destinations appear in the single digits: Mexico (6%), UK (5%), Dominican Republic (3%), Italy (3%), Jamaica (2%), France (2%), Cuba (2%), Israel (2%) and Germany (1%).

Within the US, Florida is the leading destination with 29% of bookings. (Miami accounts for 80% of Florida travel.) California comes in second at 16%, Hawaii commands 10%, Nevada with 9% and New York with 6% of bookings. By comparison, Nevada accounts for only 2% of bookings for US travellers.

Destinations with the largest year-to-year increases in bookings from Canadian travellers are the English Commonwealth Countries, of which Canada is a member. New Zealand is seeing massive growth at 140%, followed by: Australia (59%), Mexico (35%), United Kingdom (30%), Turks and Caicos (23%), Jamaica (23%), Cuba (19%), Italy (18%), Dominican Republic (15%), France (11%).



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