Higher Ed Points Inc. has launched a new program through its web site, , which allows Canadians to convert Aeroplan Miles into payments for higher education. Students, their parents, friends and family members can all use miles to help offset the costs of college or university in Canada. Aeroplan members can now redeem miles in $250 denominations and transfer the funds through Higher Ed Points Inc. to participating institutions in order to offset costs such as tuition, residence and meal plans fees.

\”Everyone feels the pinch of trying to pay for higher education. The great thing about tapping into loyalty currencies is that everyone can participate,\” says Suzanne Tyson, founder of Higher Ed Points Inc. \”We\’re a nation of dedicated loyalty program participants, so even if students themselves haven\’t collected a lot of loyalty points, they still have a very good chance of knowing someone who would be only too happy to make a ‘donation’ toward their higher education. The bonus is they won’t have to write an essay or fill out an application.\”

Higher Ed Points Inc. has partnered with D+H, the leading provider of technology and servicing solutions for Canadian student loan programs, to ensure that the entire Higher Ed Points process, from the Aeroplan reward redemption through to the deposit of funds into a student’s university or college account is 100% secure and reliable.