USTA Seeks Balance Between Security and Facilitation


U.S. Travel Association president and CEO Roger Dow has issued the following statement regarding executive orders signed last Friday by US President Donald Trump:

“People all over the world want to visit the US and the US travel community strongly supports efforts to ensure that visitors to this country are unimpeachably legitimate. In doing so, it is imperative we find the right balance between security and facilitation, and we stand ready to support the administration and Congress to achieve this goal.

“We recognize the new administration’s desire to review visa issuance protocols with respect to countries that have a heightened risk of terrorist activity or weak law enforcement cooperation with our government. We urge the administration to conduct this review quickly, and trust that it will yield an even more secure travel security system that protects international travellers and welcomes them into our country to conduct business and to enjoy our cities, attractions, national parks and landmarks.”