V.com takes social media to camp

Vacation.com will introduce social media boot camps designed to enhance its members’ participation in various social networking activities. The first of four 60-minute webinar sessions is slated for Feb. 16. Other dates are March 15, April 19, and May 17. The boot camps will be led by Sophie Bujold, a travel industry specialist, social media coach, blogger, and speaker. The camps are designed to educate tech-savvy members already engaged in social media, and members just beginning to understand how social media can enhance their business. The webinars will cover everything from the basics of Facebook (Feb. 16), to creating a social media plan (March 15), attracting a crowd (April 19) and measuring success (May 17). The “Facebook 101″course is a how-to session that will teach members the basics of Facebook marketing by walking them through the business page setup process and best practices. The second session, “Creating a Winning Content Strategy,”explores creating a customized plan and learning which types of content work best. “Top Tips to Help You Attract a Crowd”moves a step further in the marketing strategy by looking at practical ways to attract an audience. This session will include how to create Facebook ads. The final session explains Facebook analytics. In the advanced class, members will learn how to use analytics to measure results, reduce costs, and save time. To register for an upcoming social media boot camp, member agencies can visit http://www.agentnet.com/aac and click the “social media boot camp”link.