Bullish on 2016


Despite Canada’s sagging dollar and a remarkably warm start to winter, is entering 2016 with confidence.

According to results from a recently conducted member survey, 74% of members in Canada say their 2016 bookings are on par with or greater than the same time last year.

A delegation of officials, including Christine James, vice-president, Canada, met with trade media yesterday to examine the industry and all things

The positive booking numbers prompted James to comment, “Each major travel segment booked by our members in Canada is experiencing year-over-year growth, particularly as more of our customers are investing in themselves and in meaningful experiences.

“Heading into 2016, our bookings out-pace our 2015 performance and we attribute a portion of that success to an early start to ‘Wave Season.’ Thanks to product differentiation, there is plenty of optimism especially when it comes to cruise bookings.”

Eighty-nine per cent of those surveyed said their cruise bookings are “equal to” or “better than” last year at this time. The top cruise destinations being booked are Caribbean – Eastern; Europe – Mediterranean, Europe – River Cruise (tied); Caribbean – Southern; and Alaska.

The Canadian agents were also asked to indicate their personal level of optimism with more than two-thirds (66.7%) saying they are optimistic about their business in 2016. The percentage of those who indicated they are neither optimistic nor pessimistic was 29.6%.

“Our agents should be optimistic. Bookings for escorted tours and package vacations in the Caribbean and Mexico are very strong, and the European market is priced well,” added James.
Pictured at the media event are (l-r)’s Jose Ferreira, chief technology officer for Travel Leaders Franchise Group, Leisure Group and, James, and Stephen McGillivray, chief marketing officer, Travel Leaders Group.

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