Subscribe engaged reports that 116 distinct e-mail and direct mail promotions are scheduled for 2013 as part of its Engagement program. That translates into 41 direct mail and 75 e-Engagement promotions equating to more than eight million supplier-funded pieces in Canada. Nearly all 2013 e-Engagement promotions will incorporate’s recently launched retargeting initiative. Engagement is’s “award-winning targeted marketing program that delivers relevant and timely specific supplier offers to clients through professionally designed brochures and targeted e-mails.””Participating in our Engagement marketing program is one of the easiest decisions our members ever have to make. Our Engagement program continues to grow on an annual basis and is truly valued by our members and preferred suppliers alike,”says Christine James, vice-president, Canada. “We had tremendous success with the program this year and next year will be even better. We are continuously working to negotiate the most attractive offers to be able to provide to our members and their clients. The results speak for themselves — our members are even more successful in selling their clients dream vacations – thus achieving our objective.” has negotiated exclusive travel offers with more than 40 cruise lines and tour operators, and the organization will identify which of a member agency’s clients are most likely to respond, and then target those clients on the agency’s behalf. Among’s top suppliers, Viking River Cruises (providing distinct e-mail only), Royal Caribbean International, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, the Globus family of brands and WestJet Vacations account for more than 55% of all Engagement offers. (

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