helping members stay tech-savvy reports its various training programs have been successful and offer details of upcoming training opportunities. Through in-person events, as well as live and on-demand webinars, has reached nearly 8,000 participants year-to-date. Throughout the year, offers roughly a dozen webinars per month and has approximately 15 hours of on-demand training available.’s training programs are all provided at no cost to member agencies, as another key benefit of being part of the network. In the second half of the year, is offering its second round of social media boot camps. Launched in February, they are designed to educate tech-savvy members already engaged in social media, and members just beginning to understand how social media can enhance business. members will also have the opportunity to participate in fall regional training events scheduled across Canada. Each event will include a members-only training session, mini-trade show and reception, dinner and supplier presentation, as well as company updates, training, and networking. The fall regionals will be held in Toronto Oct. 2, Markham, Ont. Oct. 4, Edmonton Oct. 23 and Vancouver Oct. 25. Capitalizing on its 2012 International Conference theme, the theme for this year’s fall regional events is “Think Bigger, Aim Higher.”Members will discover how to increase efficiency and profits with tools like Agent Universe, AirPRO, In-Sites, GoSiteSee, and Stream. (