Subscribe launching new agent portal will be launching a new Internet portal for its agents this summer. Agent Universe will offer members a more robust web site to quickly access exclusive programs and supplier information to maximize their business revenue. As each member’s business is different, Agent Universe will enable a customized user experience with many new features, including the ability to choose which links appear on the member’s home page upon log-in. The customizable quick links will give agents immediate access to programs, tools, and information of most importance to their agency. Christine James,’s vice-president, Canada, said: “Making our member portal easier to use increases efficiency for our agents, allows them to leverage marketing tools to promote their businesses more effectively, and achieve greater productivity and sales. There is a wealth of information on the site about all of the products and services available to members. The easier it is for them to access our tools and content, the better the experience will be for them and ultimately, their customers.” From the Agent Universe home page, members will have access to’s calendar of current events and promotions. There’s also a site search function to allow users to enter key words to quickly locate the relevant information they need immediately while customers are waiting. In addition to current promotion highlights, news alerts, direct links to’s suppliers, programs, training and other resources will also be easily accessible. A live support chat box offers quick access to member services representatives. Agent Universe will also include a members-only community on Facebook; better reporting of an agency’s supplier sales; administration controls for the agency owner/manager to manage their agency users; and more comprehensive, and intuitive navigation menus on interior pages. Migration to the new portal will be seamless for members. will provide multiple training opportunities once the new portal launches. Members should bookmark in their browsers.

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