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SecuriGlobe has become the first and only company in the travel insurance industry to offer travellers the Vanishing Deductible. The new program — exclusive to SecuriGlobe — allows travellers to save on their deductible and premium for every year they travel without making a claim. SecuriGlobe has partnered with TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd. through their MedGuard program to offer these exclusive savings to travellers.

With the new program, travellers will be able to have their deductible reduced by 20% for every year they travel claim-free. As an added bonus for enrolling in the program, travellers will receive 20% off their premium. After five consecutive years, a traveller’s deductible could vanish completely and they will still have the 20% premium discount.
Craig Spencer, director of product and underwriting for Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd, said, “We think this is a great reward for loyal customers who travel year after year incident free. We think people most certainly will see the value in it, they will literally see their deductible disappear.”

So how does the Vanishing Deductible work? Well, for a customer who has a policy with a $1,000 deductible, after one claim free year they would get 20% off their deductible, making it $800, plus the 20% premium discount. The following year the customer’s deductible would be only $600, and $400 the year after that, and so on, while maintaining the 20% premium discount. After five claim-free years, the customer would have no deductible.

Patrick Lavoie, vice-president of sales for SecuriGlobe, said, “This Vanishing Deductible program brings the biggest long-term savings in the industry. Travellers will take advantage of this program because they won’t find any other travel insurance company that offers it. Travellers could see their deductible go all the way down to zero but still maintain the savings of 20% on their premium.” (

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