Vcom reports early success with Stream program

Vcom_Tiffany-Dec17 Canada is reporting early success for the Canadian version of the Stream prepaid hotel program (Stream CAD) as hundreds of members use it to increase profit and client satisfaction. Since its Canadian launch in August, there are 317 Canadian members on Stream and bookings have been continually increasing.

Stream is an exclusive online hotel booking program developed by’s parent company that allows members to sell prepaid hotels to clients and compete with consumer direct online rates while earning 12% commission. More than 75,000 hotels worldwide now participate in Stream, which was developed with agent feedback, making it an easy, flexible booking tool. The Stream prepaid hotel program now offers a single sign-on from Agent Universe.

“The Stream prepaid hotels has been very well adopted by since its launch in 2012. We’re pleased that we are now able to offer Canadian pricing and receive payment in Canadian dollars, making it infinitely easier for our Canadian members to use,” said Tiffany Glass (pictured), COO for Leaders Leisure Group.

“With Stream CAD, our Canadian members can book their customers using Canadian credit cards without incurring bank fees for currency conversion or a service fee if the reservation is cancelled. In addition, Stream CAD is now enabled for 15 languages, which will better serve the diverse multi-cultures of Canada. The Stream application displays in the selected language and the customer facing emails also display in that same language.” (