Venice bans large groups to combat overtourism

The Italian city of Venice recently announced new limits to tourist group sizes, in an effort to curb the environmental impacts felt by overtourism.

As of June 1, 2024, only groups of 25 or less will be permitted to enter the historic city centre—or roughly half the number of passengers on a standard motor coach.

The new rule, which also extends to the surrounding islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, is “an important measure aimed at…promoting sustainable tourism and guaranteeing the protection and safety of the city,” said councillor Elisabetta Pesce in a government statement issued by the city. The use of loudspeakers will also be banned, as will “parking in narrow streets, bridges, or places of passage.”

While the new rule was designed primarily to preserve and further protect the city of Venice and its citizens, it also takes aim at unauthorized or unregulated tourist guides.

Crowd control

This isn’t the first time Venice has enacted a strategy to crack down on skyrocketing visitation numbers. Last year, the city announced a new tourist tax for “all guests staying in accommodation facilities” in Venice.

Originally announced in January 2023, now, Venice will soon introduce a tourist tax for daytrippers, in addition to overnight guests. Visitors who wish to visit the city without spending the night will have to pay a fee that ranges anywhere from €1 and €5. Numerous factors can influence the fee, including the travel period (high or low season), the type of accommodation booked and where the accommodation is booked.

Exact dates for the new tourist tax have yet to be confirmed.

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