Venture Deeper Into St. Kitts

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority has launched its new brand campaign – ‘Venture Deeper.’ The new campaign builds on the island’s distinct characteristics while introducing elements of introspective self-discovery and intention that speak to the purpose-driven goals of today’s travellers.

Marsha Henderson, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Urban Development for St. Kitts & Nevis, observed that: “St. Kitts is relatively new to tourism, only focusing efforts and resources to tourism within the last 20 years. This gives our island a very different ethos in the Caribbean.”

The Minister pointed out that: “We are contemplative, nostalgic, and soulful. We appeal to intrepid travellers eager to explore, to learn, and immerse themselves fully in a new experience. There are many layers to peel back when exploring St. Kitts, and we are excited that the campaign showcases this unique positioning to the world.”

The new brand aesthetic comes from the island itself, featuring a colour palette of soft, muted, earthy tones, including deep green and pastel pink inspired by the destination’s luscious rainforest, beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. The “Venture Deeper” visual assets capture authentic moments with a vintage feel. By including different vantage points, the revamped photography invokes the sense of discovery and the magnetic qualities of the island that is central to the brand.

The “Venture Deeper” campaign includes visual assets and written content to encourage a deep exploration of St. Kitts that will span across the Tourism Authority’s website, social media channels, as well as advertisements on television, out-of-home and various digital channels.

The motion and still photography introduces a mix of lifestyle imagery that provides a documentary-feel, while the black & white imagery uses intentional blurring of the subjects to draw the audience’s eye to the island, creating more depth, intimacy and sophistication.

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