Victory Introduces Cutting-Edge Sustainability Practices

Victory Cruise Lines, operated by American Queen Steamboat Company, is introducing cutting-edge sustainability practices onboard the upcoming Ocean Victory, which will debut in Alaska and British Columbia in May 2021.

Highlights include: X-Bow design results in smoother sailing and higher levels of clean-burning fuel efficiency; four diesel and two electro engines optimize speed and fuel consumption; Zero Emission Day capabilities keep Alaska’s air and water pristine; innovative stabilizers minimize the necessity of dropping anchor, protecting fragile seabeds.

In addition to its design and engineering, the Ocean Victory will also host marine biologists, scientists and naturalists from the Department of Marine Biology at California Polytechnic State University to lead excursions and onboard lectures.

The 200-passenger Ocean Victory will debut the newly announced Discover Beyond Alaska Expedition Adventure Cruise itineraries in May 2021.

“We are proud to provide our passengers with an immersive, educational and rare view of Alaska’s natural wonders while maintaining a conscientious attention to their protection,” said John Waggoner, founder and CEO of American Queen Steamboat Company. “Ocean Victory offers the unique combination of sustainable technology, exceptional expertise and indulgent comfort for the ultimate Alaska adventure.”

Ocean Victory will feature 93 suites (68 with balconies) and will begin its maiden season with a 10-night sailing from Vancouver to Sitka, Alaska and an 11-night sailing from Sitka, Alaska to Vancouver. Equipped with a fleet of zodiacs and dozens of kayaks, the vessel will provide guests with in-depth explorations of Alaska’s natural, historic and cultural treasures.


Photo Credit: American Queen Steamboat Company