VIDEO Report: Transat’s all about the difference

When the Transat adventure started 25 years ago, it was about a company that wanted to be different. And two and a half decades later, that’s still part of its corporate DNA. At events in both Toronto and Montreal in which it unveiled its new onboard experience, Transat A.T.’s president and CEO, Jean-Marc Eustache pointed out that the company is “intensifying our efforts to differentiate” and that the $4 million it will be investing is part of its overall strategy and vision that’s “geared toward achieving a key goal: to deliver the best customer experience on the market.” In today’s edition of Press Today, our editors offer a video report — — on what Air Transat’s president, Allen B. Graham and Transat Canada’s vice-president marketing, Joseph Adamo had to say about price, product and the Transat difference. So check it out.

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