Vienna Is Gearing Up For Some Major Milestones

“Next year, there will be a lot to celebrate as the city of Vienna commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the World Fair,” says Armando Mendonca, sales & marketing representative for the Vienna Tourist Board in in this country.  “The theme of Visions and New Beginning brings to light the importance of the World Fair in 1873 and the impact this event had on the world stage. This event marked the beginning of a re-imagined infrastructure as it prepared to welcome businesses and tourists from around the world . A few of the key highlights will be a new exhibition venue reminiscent of the legendary rotunda which opens with Panorama Vienna, in addition to, many museums featuring special exhibitions and the opening of the House of Strauss.” For more information visit:

Mendonca also notes that a prominent Vienna hotel has a major anniversary in 2023. “The stunning and majestic Belvedere will be celebrating it’s 300th anniversary and theme Golden Spring will showcase two major exhibitions and various events throughout  the year. Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss  is the most famous Austrian painting and the highlight of the permanent collection at the Upper Belvedere.”

Mendonca says his favourite location to stay in Vienna is the Naschmarkt or Museum Quartier and hotels in those areas range from boutique to luxury . “I have a few preferred properties I usually stay at in the Naschmarkt area, which are the Holiday Inn Vienna City and the Beethoven Hotel  both owned and operated by local Viennese hoteliers passionate about offering the best quality of accommodation and welcoming tourists from around the world. What I love is the added attention to detail and nuisances that make your stay just extra special . So many options in the Museum Quartier and my go to is 25 Hours Hotel offering a fresh and fun stay with an eclectic design and cool vibe!”

Meanwhile, Mendonca is happy to share his ideal day in Vienna with others.

“A long leisure walk from the Naschmarkt to the Museum Quartier with a stop at a local café and people watch,” he says. “Take in a museum or gallery tour then stop for lunch at one of Vienna’s rooftop restaurants, and with a deep breath, take in the architectural beauty and pristine landscape.  A nightcap in one of Vienna’s luxury establishments such as the Ritz-Carlton – Vienna rooftop — a touch of elegance for a prefect day in Vienna.”

Visit the Vienna Tourist Board website for further information.



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