Viking Rolls Out Resident Historian Program

In a move designed to elevate the guest experience, Viking Cruises has rolled out a new onboard Viking Resident Historian program.

Launching on Viking Star, Viking Sea and Viking Sky this month, a carefully selected faculty of historians will provide an enhanced level of enrichment for guests onboard all of Viking’s ocean cruise ships.

The Viking Resident Historians will provide guests with a high-level historical and cultural education that is specific to their journey, offering a framework for understanding the major chapters in world history. They will also conduct seminar-style roundtables – smaller, more intimate forums for discussion with guests, where the Viking Resident Historian will examine in-depth subjects related to their own area of specialization and/or particular areas of interest of the guests.

“Our guests are explorers – they are curious travellers who want to learn,” said Karine Hagen, senior vice-president of Viking Cruises, who leads Viking’s enrichment efforts. “Having a fundamental understanding of iconic historical events in the destinations our guests visit helps bring a deeper understanding of the present – and perhaps also a better perspective on the future.”

Pictured, Dr. Charles Doherty, Chief Viking Resident Historian, hosts a round table discussion on the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.