Agents' Choice 2020

Virginia visitors can walk in the footsteps of Lincoln

Steven Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln”was filmed entirely in Virginia, in and around the cities of Richmond and Petersburg. Virginia’s Lincoln Movie Trail and interactive web site lead visitors to actual filming locations, as well as restaurants, bars and shops that were favourites of the stars, including Oscar award winner, Daniel Day-Lewis. Historic downtown Petersburg was a ready-made backdrop for filming, thanks to the city’s historic architecture. Places such as the historic farmers market, cobblestone streets, and train station were used for numerous scenes in the movie. The majority of the Lincoln filming took place in Richmond, Virginia’s capital city. Capitol Square served as a major backdrop, with the Capitol itself serving as multiple filming locations. The exterior was transformed to play both the White House and the U.S. Capitol. The interiors of Virginia’s Capitol can been seen at multiple points in the movie including the compelling scenes when the elected officials are voting on the 13th amendment. The Lincoln movie trail experience includes special tours by Segway and guided walking tours. For further information, visit .

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