Visit Lauderdale Welcomes ‘Everyone Under the Sun’

Visit Lauderdale launched a new campaign to celebrate and support the area’s diverse population and spread the message that inclusion and acceptance are embraced across the area’s 31 neighbourhoods.

The “We Are” campaign includes video and social media as an extension of the destination’s “Everyone Under the Sun” campaign, which was created to welcome all populations and communities.

Stacy Ritter, president and CEO of Visit Lauderdale, observed that: “Visitors to Greater Fort Lauderdale can be assured they are in a place where diversity, inclusion and acceptance is actively championed as an established way of life that is fully ingrained throughout our community.”

Ritter continued: “The Visit Lauderdale slogan, ‘Everyone Under the Sun,’ reflects the open and welcoming nature of our community, and when we say, ‘Everyone Under the Sun,’ we mean it.”

Greater Fort Lauderdale includes 31 diverse municipalities. People from 170 countries, speaking more than 147 languages call Greater Fort Lauderdale home. It is home to the largest percentage of same-sex couple households in the U.S. and is recognized as Florida’s LGBT+ capital.

It is also a majority minority county with a large Hispanic and Caribbean-American population and is recognized as one of the most progressive destinations in the U.S. for its authentic and welcoming vibe.

Ritter also made it clear that: “Travel transcends politics and decisions made at the state level do not always align with our mission, values, and community.”

She continued: “In spite of HB 1557 being signed into legislation, Greater Fort Lauderdale is a progressive destination recognized throughout the tourism industry for its thought leadership on diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. We encourage all to stand with us in support of inclusion and the more than 88,000 tourism industry employees who work in our hotels, restaurants, venues, and attractions and call the region ‘home’.”

#EveryoneUnderTheSun and #WeAreVL

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