Voices of Travel: Insights on ICs from Flemming Friisdahl

Ask Flemming Friisdahl, founder of The Travel Agent Next Door, about the biggest changes he’s seen during his career in the industry and he’ll point to two.

First is the fact that there are far fewer tour operator suppliers today than there were 20 years ago and the result, he says, is that choices are limited.

The second, is the rise of home-based, independent contractors who now represent between 50% to 60% of the business in Canada.

In this episode of Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters, Friisdahl also talks about working for a family company and some of the mentors he’s had who have influenced how he approaches his business.

Just go to https://www.travelpress.com/voices-of-travel/episode-6/ and listen to the latest episode in Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters.