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“As Canadian Travel Press approaches its 60th anniversary, our team spent the last year working on Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters. We sat down with 15 remarkable industry professionals and asked them to tell us their stories. The conversations we had with them captured their passion, their humour and their character. Voices of Travel is a story that doesn’t end because this industry has so many stories to tell. Past, present and future, there is always, and will always be, a next chapter.” – Bob Mowat, Executive Editor

EPISODE 2: Denise Heffron

Canadian Travel Press executive editor, Bob Mowat sits down with Denise Heffron to discuss her storied career—first jobs, inspirations, advice for new-comers, and much more.

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EPISODE 1: Brian Robertson

Canadian Travel Press’ executive editor, Bob Mowat sits down for a conversation with Brian Robertson about his 40-plus years in the industry. They discuss his first job, the launch of Vision Travel (now Direct Travel), advice for new-comers to travel, and the future of travel.

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EPISODE 3: David Harris

Coming May 27

“The industry of 40 years ago was the Wild, Wild West. It was fabulous…” said David Harris when he sat down with Bob Mowat to discuss first jobs, mentors, the role of consortia, and changes in the industry.