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Remarkable stories of remarkable people in our industry. The print version of Voices of Travel is a 150 page book that has created hours of enjoyable and educational learning. We now introduce you to Voices of Travel – the Podcast version. We continue the story telling with a Podcast series featuring new stories, interviews, and knowledgeable insights into the world of travel.

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Will McAleer

by Ron Pradinuk | March 6, 2020
..Talking Insurance In The World Of COVID-19

by Ron Pradinuk | February 21, 2020
..Discover the rivers of the world with Uniworld
Discover Alaska

by Ron Pradinuk | February 7, 2020
..Discover the wonders of Alaska with Holland America
Discover Alaska

by Ron Pradinuk | January 10, 2020
..with Princess, Holland America
Visit Flanders

by Ron Pradinuk | January 3, 2020
Agents discover the wonders of Flanders
Tracking the trends in 2020

by Ron Pradinuk | December 6, 2019
As we approach the end of 2019, it is natural to wonder what lies ahead.
Discover El Paso

by Ron Pradinuk | November 29, 2019
..And Texas’ Wild West
The Palladium Hotel Group:

by Ron Pradinuk | November 15, 2019
Discover The Palladium Hotel Group
Parks Canada:

by Ron Pradinuk | October 18, 2019
A World of Wonders to Discover
Myrtle Beach

by Ron Pradinuk | October 4, 2019
Say Fore for the Myrtle Beach World Amateur

by Ron Pradinuk | September 13, 2019
Just waiting to be discovered

by Ron Pradinuk | September 6, 2019
Excellence Group partnership delivers the best

by Ron Pradinuk | August 9, 2019
Transat has Cuba covered
Berkeley & Oakland

by Ron Pradinuk | August 2, 2019
A World Of Difference
Marvellous Myrtle Beach

by Ron Pradinuk | July 19, 2019
Something for everyone in marvellous Myrtle Beach
Perfect Partners

by Ron Pradinuk | June 21, 2019
Oceans, Transat make life easy for agents
Time for a check up

by Ron Pradinuk | June 14, 2019
Ontario OHIP changes could impact travel costs

by Ron Pradinuk | May 24, 2019
..flying high and full of surprises

by Ron Pradinuk | May 17, 2019
..makes family fun part of the experience
Capturing Orlando’s true magic

by Ron Pradinuk | May 3, 2019
Home to seven of the world’s top theme parks
Marvellous Mazatlan

by Ron Pradinuk | April 12, 2019
A destination your clients will remember
Voices of Travel Talks With Liz Miller

by Ron Pradinuk | March 29, 2019
What’s motivating today’s travellers?
Talking law

by Ron Pradinuk | March 15, 2019
Talking law with Doug Crozier and Tim Law
Grand County Colorado

by Ron Pradinuk | March 1, 2019
Take A Listen To Voices of Travel
And Discover Grand County, Colorado

by Ron Pradinuk | February 15, 2019
..connects with Canadian agents

by Ron Pradinuk | February 1, 2019
The difference is in the details

by Ron Pradinuk | January 11, 2019
At the centre of it all

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