VoX Welcomes Trees4Travel As New Client

VoX International is now representing Trees4Travel as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and to adopting responsible business practices.

VoX will manage media relations, sales and marketing, providing orientations, presentations, trainings, and other related projects – increasing Trees4Travels’ profile and resulting in a year-round presence in the North American market.

Susan Webb, president of VoX International, explained that: “Travel companies must act now to prevent climate catastrophe. Trees4Travel has created a simple, tangible and inexpensive way for companies to ensure they are helping to reverse the effects of climate change. We are excited to join Trees4Travel on this journey to bring about a more positive climate future.”

Trees4Travel Ltd was created based on the belief that the travel industry could be a significant force for positive action in the battle against climate change. The company facilitates the planting of trees across the globe to assist in offsetting the impact of travel, support impoverished communities and supply forests from which crops of fruits and medicines can be harvested. In the meantime, the trees are left to grow, absorb CO2, prevent soil erosion, and create natural habitat.

The goal is for planet and people positive action. When a tree is planted, it is assumed that it will absorb 164kgs of CO2 in its first 10 years, but Trees4Travel goes the extra mile, always backing up their claim by also investing into certified renewable energy projects, in effect doubling their promise.

Trees4Travels energy projects are key to the ‘double lock’ of their promise; Planet & People Positive Travel. This is not offset, this is climate positive activity.

Trees4Travel also provides travel companies with a free to use API, seamlessly integrating with their systems to allow tour operators, travel agents and DMO’s to calculate the number of trees that need to be planted to make any journey climate positive.

Trees4Travel also makes a point to work closely with verified tree planting organizations from around the world to ensure that the trees planted are indigenous to a region and restore natural ecosystems. They prioritize reforestation projects that have the highest environmental and social impact.

VoX previously announced a collaboration with Travelife, an internationally recognized training, management & certification program for sustainability in tourism. Through regular training, volunteering opportunities, awareness raising among staff and suppliers, and the implementation of sustainable policies and practices, VoX aims to become Travelife Certified by early 2022.

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