‘Wanderlone’ travel is on the rise amongst Canadians

Merging the word wander with the notion of doing so alone to come up with a new term to define solo travellers as ‘wanderlone,’ Chadd Andre observes that “solo travel is definitely on the rise among Canadians.”

The executive vice president of Flight Centre Canada says that, “Our booking data indicates that solo travel — or as we call it, ‘wanderlone’— comprised 40% of our customers in 2023. Looking at the trends, that’s an impressive 62% increase in solo travel bookings from 2022. Typically, these adventures span 20 days and come in with an average cost of approximately $2,500.”

Andre continued: “It’s clear that the past few years have been taxing for everyone. Yet, it’s the very challenges that have ignited a yearning for personal enrichment and space for individuals to explore their independence.”

And he added that: “The draw of leaving daily routines to embrace new cultures and experiences is strong. In fact, a recent Flight Centre Travel Group survey conducted by YouGov reveals that 33% of respondents seek cultural experiences, while 32% value community connections when travelling.”

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