Ways To Live Aloha In Kuleana Campaign

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) and Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) have created new videos as part of the “Kuleana campaign” to educate visitors about cultural norms and practices in the state. These unwritten rules are important for knowing what it means to “Live Aloha” while enjoying a Hawai‘i vacation.

“Kuleana” can be loosely defined as concern or responsibility for one’s environment and community. Visitors can sometimes cause damage without knowing it, for instance while hiking on trails through delicate marine and rainforest ecosystems. The Kuleana campaign has been designed to prevent that, and to educate visitors about cultural and environmental values they might not otherwise understand.

The campaign is formatted as a series of 15-, 30-, and 60-second videos. These videos feature Hawaii residents who provide expert insight to fields like land and ocean safety and conservation, native cultural practices, marine biology and hiking trail safety.

Alaska Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines are now all showing the videos to inbound passengers, and a number of Hawai‘i hotels and resorts are showing the videos in their rooms. Facebook and Instagram users may see the videos in their feeds. Travel advisors can also use the videos when mapping out itineraries for their clients.

All of the videos are available on youtube.com