Webcast offers insider’s look at Tokyo’s amazing neighbourhoods 

Tokyo Tourism in part used an individual to recently promote the city whose appreciation for Japan’s capital can’t be questioned given his travel history there.

The tourism promotion body recently held a webcast with Baxter Media that included Toronto travel personality Steve Gillick being among those praising Tokyo, with Tokyo Tourism Canadian representative Shin Kawai noting that Gillick’s October Tokyo visit marked his 21rst time in the city.

Gillick in turn told the audience that he used his latest visit to look for new attractions, which he believes can always be found.

And his latest journey to Tokyo saw him opt to stay in the Asakusa district, rather than Ginza, with the latter known for its bright lights and shopping opportunities.

Asakusa attractions include the Senso-ji Temple, which dates back to 645 and is the oldest temple in the city.

Gillick said the temple can see “hordes” of tourists during the day but few at night.

“It was peaceful, tranquil and even meditative,” Gillick said of his own nighttime viewing of the ancient structure.

Asakusa is a popular eating and shopping area with “hidden food gems,” Gillick added.

Indeed, Tokyo is a “city of amazing neighbourhoods,” Gillick continued.

Among Tokyo museums Gillick visited and praised were the National Museum and Museum of Modern Art.

But he also noted that Tokyo structures are often eye-catching. “Tokyo art includes some of the architecture you see just walking around.”

Another prominent attraction he cited was the Godzilla sculpture, found in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The massive sculpture can be best spotted from the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku’s Godzilla Terrace, found on the Shinjuku Toho Building. The sculpture recalls the movie creature Godzilla, and sometimes has “glowing eyes and smoky breath.” [Its location on the Hotel Gracery’s terrace matches Godzilla’s 50-meter movie height.

The Japan enthusiast also expressed his appreciation for Tokyo cuisine, declaring, “Tokyo is…one of the most important foodie destinations on the planet.”

Gillick added that Ginza continues to offer great shopping opportunities for visitors.

He also said that the city and the sprawling Tokyo Prefecture will also be appreciated by nature enthusiasts, thanks to their many parks.

“So, with lots of memories on hand and a host of new attractions to explore, I’m already savouring my 22nd visit this fall,” he told webcast viewers.

Khaled Iwamura, another webcast participant, praised Tokyo for being “very, very child friendly and very safe,” and recounted visiting Tokyo Disney Resort on his trip, where he and his child stayed at the “incredible” Toy Story Hotel.

Kawai said there is strong Canadian interest in Japan these days, noting that the number of Canadians visiting Japan last year topped 425,000, a record.

More information on Tokyo can be found by going to gotokyo.org/en/.

Those with questions about the city can email  [email protected].