Webjet, Routehappy Partner

Companies Will Showcase Airline Rich Content In Flight Search Results


Australia and New Zealand OTA, Webjet has announced its implementation of Routehappy Scores & Amenities and Routehappy Hub content, enabling it to display airline rich content in flight search results.

The integration will enable customers to see compelling, targeted airline information and media when shopping for flights via a standardized content format called UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) from Routehappy Hub, alongside Routehappy’s Flight Scores and comprehensive Amenities like Wi-Fi, entertainment and fresh food.

Routehappy, the merchandising content platform for flight shopping, powers the creation and distribution of airline-authorized UPA content that visually showcases comprehensive, highly targeted, product features through descriptive text, photos and videos, via the Routehappy Hub SaaS platform.

Its Scores & Amenities API provides flight scores and cabin amenity data, including aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, fresh food and relative duration.

Routehappy Hub airline rich content can be targeted by aircraft, class of service, airport, route and fare, ensuring only relevant content is shown to customers that will be available on the flight they are searching, improving the flight shopping experience and helping them make more informed decisions.

It also gives airlines an opportunity to showcase their products and key differentiators to potential customers.

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