Webjet Sees Positive Results

Webjet reports that it has completed the first round of testing for Rich Content supplied by Routehappy. The tests followed the implementation of Routehappy’s Scores and Amenities in late 2016.

Routehappy Hub is an airline rich content platform in which airlines create standardized rich content in the form of Universal Product Attributes (UPAs), which include unique feature descriptions, images, and videos. In the experiment, UPAs from Routehappy Hub were presented to Webjet shoppers as they reviewed their flight selection before purchase.

The test was created to demonstrate that rich content would improve Webjet’s purchase funnel, with the hypothesis that more consumers would convert after interacting with rich content, since there is always some percentage of cart abandonment after selections are made in online shopping.

Seven carriers provided their UPAs from Routehappy Hub for the test: Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, United Airlines and Air Canada.

Webjet completed a structured A/B conversion test whereby 50% of the international economy flight shoppers were shown the rich content and 50% were not.

The intent was to measure purchase funnel improvement from the shopping cart to purchase. In round one of testing, 6% of shoppers interacted with the rich content, resulting in a very pleasing 26.3% conversion increase over those who did not interact.

This result was statistically significant.

Webjet’s managing director, John Guscic commented:

“We are excited by the early positive signs of this integration and our aim is to increase the number of shoppers who interact with the Rich Content. It’s an exciting innovation and clearly a positive experience for our customers seeking more information when deciding which flight is best for their travels. Webjet is committed to providing the greatest range in choice and convenience for our customers.”

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