Welcome Back, Your Room Is Ready

Plexiglass at check-in counters. Two day interludes between guests for deep cleaning. The end of self-serve buffets. These are just a few examples of how travellers can expect a different experience at hotels and resorts on the other side of COVID-19.

As they prepare to welcome guests back, Travel Courier talks to seven representatives from independent hoteliers to big name brands about the work that’s going on behind the scenes to handle the returning wave of travellers, what the future entails with enhanced safety measures, advice for overcoming challenges as a new normal emerges and how the industry can be even better than before.

Don’t miss the insights of Adam Stewart, Amelie Brouhard, Jonathan Newbury, Tony Cortizas, Graeme Davis, Adele Garbutt and Frank Maduro in this week’s issue of TRAVEL COURIER.