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Welcome To The Evolution Of Retail Travel

About a year ago, Transat Distribution Canada’s general manager, Nathatlie Boyer and its vice-president marketing & industry relations, Susan Bowman talked to Canadian Travel Press about the evolution of the retail travel business, so it seemed like a good idea to find out how the evolution was going.

“I think retail remains really relevant,” Boyer responded to the query. “The definition of a [retail] store will be different. Do I think the physical travel agency will disappear – the answer is not necessarily.”

She pointed out that: “It’s not [going to be the same] everywhere, but I think in the big cities you will need to redefine the experience within the store if you want to attract people to come in.”

Boyer said that: “When you’re in a small community, your travel agency belongs to the community. It’s there. It’s like the coffee shop or the church. But in the bigger cities, we need to think about the experience. Why would a customer want to come into your store when they can shop online or call you or e-mail you.”

TDC’s general manager said that consumers need a reason to come in and she pointed to emerging technologies, like virtual reality or sensory experiences such as smell and music, that could give them a reason to stop by.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with TDC’s Nathalie Boyer and Susan Bowman in this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.


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