West Coast Travel Gets New Access Hike


BC’s iconic West Coast Trail, a challenging trek along the west coast of Vancouver Island, now has a new access trail for easier entries and exits.

The new hike is located at Nitinat Narrows, at roughly the halfway point of the West Coast Trail, which itself runs between Port Renfrew at the southern end and Bamfield in the north.

Hikes on the West Coast Trail generally take at least five days to complete, often more at a less strenuous pace. The new access trail allows hikers to do just half of the daunting hike, or to exit the West Coast Trail in case of injury, foul weather or other problems enroute. It also increases the hiker quota slightly, allowing eight more hikers in, for a total of 38 hiker permits per day.

About 5,500 people tackle the West Coast Trail during its May-September season, and 200 or more each year have to give up and find their way out. The trail is well known around the world for its scenery and challenges.