WestJet Advises Caution


WestJet has uncovered a scam involving a deeply discounted airfare offer for registrants of an upcoming conference in the US.

While doing routine checks of WestJet’s credit card transactions, WestJet fraud investigators discovered a scam advertising return flights for up to 50% lower than fares available through It’s estimated as many as 100 conference registrants accepted the offer and paid for airfare only to discover that their ticket was invalid because it was purchased with other individuals’ stolen credit cards.

“This scheme validates the steps we take to monitor transactions in an effort to protect our guests and our company from unscrupulous people,” said Alexis Gunderson, head of WestJet’s fraud investigation team. “It also shows that the old adage is more appropriate today than ever before: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. It’s important to do your homework before purchasing your flights. The lowest WestJet fares are those advertised on, and travellers should avoid suspicious-looking deals advertised elsewhere. Ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for by booking your flights and vacation packages directly with an airline or tour operator, your preferred travel agent or other reputable travel service provider.”

WestJet has turned over information regarding this fraud scheme to law enforcement authorities for further investigation.