WestJet has signed a letter of intent with Amadeus and is currently working with the GDS to have a distribution deal in place by the end of the year. The carrier has had a partnership with Amadeus since October 2003, as one of several providers that ensure WestJet content is available across the world on a leading edge platform.
Bob Cummings, WestJet\’s executive vice- president, sales, marketing and guest experience, commented: \”WestJet has always appreciated Amadeus\’s ability to innovate. As a company we are very excited about the advances Amadeus is making, especially with regard to the way it merchandizes airline products. Amadeus places a major focus on advancing its platform to stay current in a very dynamic market, and that strategy aligns well with WestJet\’s distribution strategy.\”
Scott Alvis, CMO, Amadeus North America, said: \”We are pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with WestJet. We are committed to expanding our relationship with airline customers to bring innovative technology to their business as well as ensure our subscribers have access to the largest volume of flight options.\”
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