WestJet Applauds Fee Cuts at Abbotsford Airport


WestJet has applauded the leadership of the Abbotsford International Airport for dropping its airport improvement fee (AIF) by 50%, and eliminating fees for aircraft parking, bridge fees and bag-handling.

A reduction in fees is welcome as WestJet Encore adds one daily flight between Edmonton and Abbotsford beginning June 15, 2015, increasing overall service to three daily flights.

“The leadership demonstrated by Abbotsford International Airport sets a standard we hope others will follow,” said WestJet president Gregg Saretsky (pictured). “When airports and airlines are strategically aligned, that partnership benefits everyone involved. Airports that help us keep operational costs low also allow us to keep fares competitive and stimulate network and fleet growth. Our business is built upon growing markets or creating new ones with low fares and a great guest experience. Airports like Abbotsford recognize they will grow if we grow, and its actions today demonstrate a willingness to walk the walk.”