WestJet, FlightHub Team Up To Support GlobalMedic

WestJet is partnering with the FlightHub Group to assist in the transportation of GlobalMedic’s field team members to and from areas impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Through coordinated collaboration, WestJet will provide flights to and from European gateways across its network, where the FlightHub will then transport the GlobalMedic team members to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries.

Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet, CEO, said: “We must continue to do our part in facilitating the delivery of crucial services, people and emergency supplies to Ukraine and its citizens. By partnering with FlightHub, we can ensure the incredible GlobalMedic team can continue their exemplary and vital efforts in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its citizens through the distribution of medical supplies, food, hygiene items to those evacuating the country.”

The WestJet Group announced additional measures in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine in March 2022.

Chris Cave, CEO of FlightHub Group, said that: “FlightHub is proud to partner with Westjet and provide humanitarian support for the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. We commend the work being done by the GlobalMedic team, and hope that transporting their members closer to the front lines of the conflict will assist them in carrying out their mission to provide critical support throughout the region.”

Rahul Singh, O.Ont, Executive Director, GlobalMedic. “Our teams have been working tirelessly to provide support to Ukrainian refugees. This partnership between WestJet and FlightHub gives us greater flexibility to move our teams where they need to be, to provide the right aid to the right people at the right time. We are grateful for this collaboration and the impact this will have for the refugees we reach through our programs.”