WestJet Launches EMD Process for Pre-Reserved Seats


On June 15, WestJet will enable electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) functionality on its host reservation system.
Following this, WestJet and GDS providers will implement the EMD pre-reserved seat process for GDS.

The booking steps for purchasing pre-reserved seats on TA Web will remain the same, but the airline has identified a concern with the prices that will be displayed once EMDs are enabled.

Since the TA web site can only display one seat fee, the extra legroom fee will be displayed during the booking flow for all seats. At the confirm and payment step, however, the correct fee will be displayed and charged.

The correct pre-reserved seat fees, which will be displayed and charged during the confirm and payment step of the booking flow, are: Econo and Flex bundles: Flights 0 to 300 miles, $5 regular seat; $10 extra legroom. Plus bundle: $0. Flights 301 to 1,000 miles, $10 regular seat, $20 extra legroom. Plus bundle: $0. Flights 1,001 miles and longer, $20 regular seat, $30 extra legroom. Plus bundle, $0.
After EMDs launch, agents are advised to contact WestJet’s Travel Support team at 1-877-664-3205 to make to make changes to seat selections on bookings made through TA Web using APAY.

EMD for WestJet with Sabre TN is scheduled for implementation on June 24. This means pre-reserved seat purchases will not be available for self-serve from June 15-24. During that time, contact WestJet’s Travel Support team at 1-877-664-3205 to add or purchase seats.

EMD for WestJet with Travelport is scheduled for implementation in late July and with Amadeus in late August.