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WestJet Vacations has launched a new interactive brochure designed with travel agents in mind. The online tool allows agents to provide greater choice to clients by creating a tailored, personalized approach to planning vacation experiences. “We have created this interactive brochure with specific regard to our travel agent partners,”said Tim Croyle, vice-president and general manager, WestJet Vacations. “We will still offer the choice of an abridged paper brochure, but we recommend our customizable, highly interactive brochure to help travel agents create memorable vacations for their clients. Opportunities exist for personalized travel agent recommendations and agency branding while improving access to hotel and destination information in a live-content format.”Officials note that agents using the interactive brochure will significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional paper brochures without removing the option completely. The new, magazine-style format of the WestJet Vacations paper brochure is meant to complement the customized, comprehensive tool kit available online. The new format makes it easy for clients to share vacation information with others using e-mail or social media links and the live format ensures that all information included is fully up to date and easily amended to include any changes a client may request. (

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