WestJet offers leap year special

In celebration of its 16th birthday this month, WestJet is offering guests born on Feb. 29 of any year the chance to fly to any of WestJet’s Canadian destinations for just $16 one way, plus applicable taxes and fees, on Feb. 29. WestJet shares its birthday with Leap Day babies, having launched on Feb. 29, 1996, with three aircraft, 220 employees and five destinations — all in Western Canada. Sixteen years later, the airline has grown to 98 aircraft, 8,600 WestJetters and 76 destinations throughout Canada, the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. To take advantage of this birthday offer, those born on Feb. 29 must e-mail [email protected] and include their name, telephone number and a scanned copy of their government-issued photo identification with their birth date. A member of the WestJet sales team will contact them to make the booking.