WestJet Provides Scam Update

WestJet has provided another update regarding the ongoing telephone scam that continues to implicate WestJet and other prominent Canadian brands.

Following its last update on the matter in November 2014, WestJet said that the perpetrators appeared to move on and instead used the names of other brands. However, the calls have returned in recent weeks, beginning by suggesting “you have won 999 WestJet dollars.”

Richard Bartrem, WestJet vice-president, communications and community relations, said: “We share the frustrations of the Canadian public. We recognize how infuriating it is to receive these calls and we remain committed to use every legal means at our disposal to stop the perpetrators from using our name. To that end, we continue to work with regulatory and government agencies in Canada and Mexico.”

WestJet does not use telemarketers or make telemarketing calls, nor does it share guest information with third parties for the purpose of telemarketing.

Said Bartrem: “We cannot emphasize strongly enough that WestJet is not making these phone calls nor are we associated in any way with the people who are. And we encourage anyone who receives one of these calls to hang up immediately and under no circumstances provide the callers with any credit card numbers or other personal information.”

As part of Fraud Awareness month, WestJet reminds Canadians to report these phone calls and other fraudulent activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or by calling 1-888-495-8501.

Canadians who are registered on the National Do Not Call List should also report these phone calls to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission through the list operator at or by calling the toll-free number 1-866-580-DNCL (3625). Information such as the date and time of the call, the telemarketer’s name and telephone number, the telephone number that received the call and any additional information that would identify the caller or on whose behalf the call is being made, such as a website, will help the CRTC’s enforcement officers.