WestJet Raises the Game on Eastern Triangle Flights


A WestJet strategy launched to strengthen the company’s presence on the business-heavy flight routes to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and New York La Guardia is now generating “great customer feedback,” says WestJet.

The benefits offered by the WestJet Simplicity program are available to anyone who is flying on the so-called Eastern Triangle routes, but are designed to be especially appealing to business travellers.

These include, for example, a flexibility option for early and late shows, whereby travellers booked on one flight can get on the next available flight with no extra rebooking charge. This would be advantageous to those who finish their business day ahead of schedule and can then fly home earlier without incurring extra costs, says WestJet senior vice-president Marshal Wilmot.

WestJet has also launched an industry-leading on-time arrival guarantee. That is, if a flight on any of the Eastern Triangle Simplicity routes is more than 30 minutes late in arriving, passengers will be provided with 25 WestJet dollars as compensation.

Also, travellers have about two more weeks to accumulate enough flight Simplicity route segments to improve their loyalty points status. This Fast Track offer is available until July 15 and gives members the ability to jump to the next status level (i.e. Silver or Gold) with fewer segments.

These offers are open to any fare class, not just Plus premium economy, said Wilmot. “We are evolving our business products to add value on services that our customers are seeking,” he said. “Neither of our major competitors offer these services.

“We feel confident that we will gain our fair share of this important market,” said Wilmot.