WestJet Reassures Trade, Passengers


In the past week, WestJet has experienced five mischief security bomb threats, each quickly proven to be a hoax. WestJet understands and appreciates trade concerns and issued the following statement to address these situations, stressing that agents can continue to book the airline with confidence.

“First, from a flight safety perspective. WestJet cannot, for obvious reasons discuss the security protocols in place, however, over the course of the last week they have received these threats that made them initiate their safety protocols and in three of the instances, divert their aircraft in order to get the flight on the ground as quickly as possible.

“As WestJet has learned more about these hoaxes, they are able to respond based on the credibility of the source and clear their flights to continue, in conjunction with various regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

“You can continue to book and fly WestJet with confidence. They take the safety of their guests and their people very seriously, as clearly demonstrated through their actions as an airline this week. They will always base their decisions with your safety in mind.

“Secondly, is the inconvenience that these flight interruptions represent for WestJet guests. WestJet has heard from some of their customers that they are not so much worried about the threats – each of which has been proven to be a hoax – but more about the potential for diversions and delays. WestJet continues to collaborate with law enforcement and regulatory agencies in Canada and abroad in order to mitigate these threats against their industry. Trust that WestJet is working actively to put an end to these threats.

“I would like to thank the travel agency trade for their patience and continued support. I also thank the WestJetters in operational roles who have handled these situations with grace and professionalism so that our guests and your clients can feel comfortable and assured travelling with WestJet,” said Lyell Farquharson, WestJet vice-president, sales.