WestJet Rewards enhances bonus structure

WestJet has introduced two enhancements to its reward program, WestJet Rewards, offering consistent WestJet dollar bonuses at each qualifying level and removing the cap on the number of milestone bonuses members can earn. The first milestone bonus at $1,500 remains the same at $35 WestJet dollars, but starting today, members of WestJet Rewards will receive $25 WestJet dollars at each $1,500 qualifying spend milestone thereafter. Additionally, WestJet Rewards has removed the cap on the number of levels members can reach to earn bonus WestJet dollars. Prior to this announcement, once members exceeded an annual spend of $7,500 they were no longer issued milestone bonuses. Now they will continue to earn a milestone bonus of $25 WestJet dollars at each additional $1,500 qualifying spend, with no cap, along with the 2.5% back on every dollar spent. WestJet dollars can be used like cash toward the purchase of WestJet-operated flights and WestJet Vacations packages. WestJet dollars can be used anytime, on any flight, to any of WestJet’s 76 destinations. (

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