WestJet updates agents on Secure Flight procedures

WestJet is reminding agents that in order to obtain compliance with US regulations, Secure Flight Passenger Data is required for all WestJet bookings that include a flight arriving or departing from any US or international destination. At this time it is not mandatory to use Secure Flight on WestJet bookings where flights are flown within Canada. When completing a booking through GDS, ticketing may be restricted by GDS or WestJet if Secure Flight Passenger Data is not provided to WestJet using the standard SSR DOCS format. As per Canadian law, all passengers must be notified that information relating to them may be provided to a competent authority in the United States. The Transportation Security Administration Secure Flight Program requires that your clients’ full name be entered along with gender, date of birth and redress number (if applicable). Full name is defined as the complete name as it appears on an acceptable form of government issued ID. If a middle name appears on a clients’ identification, enter this as part of their first name on web and GDS bookings. When using online and kiosk check-in the exact name must be entered as it appears on the booking.