WestJet Vacations Says No to Added Surcharges

WestJet plane- April 29

WestJet Vacations is reminding agents that they will not find any surcharges and fees in the base price for a WestJet vacation, resulting in a better commission from a higher base price.

The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) is lobbying for fair and equitable regulatory requirements designed to protect and educate consumers. A recent statement issued by ACTA in support of WestJet Vacation’s commitment to fair and honest pricing is encouraging, and speaks to the importance of addressing the issue on a regulatory level.

“WestJet Vacations is ready to take a leadership role in this issue, and appreciates the role ACTA continues to play moving forward,” said Tim Croyle, vice-president, general manager, WestJet Vacations. “Our business continues to evolve, but our core values of fairness, openness and honesty remain unchanged from day one. The taxes and fees charged on the base price of a WestJet Vacations package are only those required by law. It is tremendously important that we treat our trade partners fairly and pay commission on a real base price. It is our hope that we set an industry-leading example for other providers to follow in a market driven by value.”