WeTravel, Queer Destinations Collaborate On Course

WeTravel and Queer Destinations have launched an Introduction to Inclusive Tourism: LGBTQ+ Travel educational course in the WeTravel Academy for any travel professional to learn the basics of introducing inclusive practices into their business.

The free, one-hour introductory course focuses on how to build diverse and inclusive travel businesses—on the front-end for travelers and internally for employees and suppliers—from language and image use to DEI policies and hosted training to educating travelers, suppliers and governments on LGBTQ+ travel.

Zaky Prabowo, WeTravel’s CMO and co-founder, explained that: “Through our partnership with Queer Destinations, who’s an industry leader in educating the travel industry on LGBTQ+ inclusivity, we’ve launched a course to not only educate, but power the industry to take action toward inclusive practices within their organization and in the destinations and communities they operate.”

WeTravel launched its Academy in December 2021, to provide a free educational hub for the travel industry to be empowered, educated, and equipped on all facets of business operations, including sustainability and inclusive travel. Since its launch, more than 500 resources have been created in 12 subjects; to date, nearly 3,000 travel businesses have downloaded its resources and hundreds have enrolled in its courses.

Aligning with its resources on inclusive travel, WeTravel partnered with industry leader Queer Destinations to push forward educational tools for a travel industry that is committed to learning about and taking action for inclusivity for LGBTQ+ travelers.

Oriol Pamies, Queer Destinations founder, said: “The potential of the LGBTQ+ community is unquestionable, but our industry still has quite some work to do. We celebrate our partnership with WeTravel and we’re excited to help their partners welcome queer travellers in the best possible way.”

Photos courtesy WeTravel