WeTravel, Tourism Cares Team Up On Project

WeTravel has announced its sponsorship of Tourism Cares’ newly created Meaningful Travel Map of North America, connecting travel businesses with bookable, sustainable experiences in North America to add directly to new or pre-existing itineraries.

Conceptualized as a product development tool for the travel industry, the Meaningful Travel Map of North America emphasizes the need to connect travel professionals with social and environmental impact experiences — from visiting a non-profit urban farm in Los Angeles to a multidisciplinary venture dedicated to showcasing Caribbean culture in New York City — to improve travel’s socioeconomic and environmental impact.

Johannes Koeppel, WeTravel’s CEO and co-founder, said that: “The past two years have spurred conversations on travel’s negative — and, contrastingly, its potential positive — impacts on the people and places we visit; the responsibility of sustainable travel falls into operators’ hands. The positive impacts like economic and social development need to be accentuated and, immediately, the negative impacts on people and the planet need to be halted.”

And Koeppel continued: “To provide a tool that takes the guesswork out of sustainable travel experiences, while providing mutual benefit for all travel’s stakeholders, is revolutionary. We’re thrilled to align our mission with Tourism Cares’ mission to unite and empower the travel industry, for a greater good.”

John Sutherland, Tourism Cares’ Director of Community Impact, said that: “Tourism Cares is very excited to grow our partnership with WeTravel and we embrace their mission to help businesses of all sizes gain easier access to the tourism value chain. We can’t wait to see their engaged community embrace the Meaningful Travel Map and connect with these impact organizations.”

Sutherland continued: “There is extensive evidence that global travelers are demanding more sustainable travel options, want tourism revenue to boost the local economy and that they are yearning for authentic, unique experiences that help them connect with a destination on a deeper level. We hope that the Map can help travel companies create positive benefits for local communities while at the same time differentiating their product for guests looking for a meaningful experience.”

Go to www.wetravel.com or www.TourismCares.org for more.