Transforming Travel

WeTravel and the Transformational Travel Council havae launched an Introduction to Transformational Travel educational course in the WeTravel Academy for any travel professional to the gain applicable resources needed to add transformational travel experiences to their operations.

Amidst a shift in reducing extractive tourism for the long-term survival of people and the planet, the free, one-hour course will introduce the Transformation Economy to learners and provide relevant tools necessary to design transformational, non-extractive travel experiences in any travel-related business.

Zaky Prabowo, WeTravel’s co-founder, said: “When operating a travel business — whether as a travel advisor promoting experiences or a tour operator taking travelers into communities — we know there’s a responsibility to operate all tourism with a non-extractive, instead interactive and local approach. When we commit to bettering all stakeholders through our travel experiences is when we see genuine, global transformation.”

Prabowo continued: “In partnership with the industry leader in Transformational Travel, we commit to using our Academy as a tool to help businesses embrace impactful travel experiences that not only transform their travelers, but transform the communities and people they visit.”

WeTravel launched its Academy in December 2021, to provide a free educational hub for the travel industry to be empowered, educated, and equipped on all facets of business operations, including sustainability and inclusive travel.

Guest lectured by Tanner Colton, the Transformational Travel Council’s Chief Operating Officer, with content provided by both businesses, the course outline explores three phases of creating transformational travel experiences from reimagining relationships with travelers, revitalizing travel design approach, and reactivating your travellers intentional engagement.

Said Colton: “We relish opportunities to share our rigorously developed frameworks, tools, and practices with the world. A more enlightened approach to traveling and tourism design creates more enlightened people, who create a more enlightened world. This is the next generation of travel — it has to be. We appreciate that the good folks at WeTravel are helping us transform tourism and the lives it touches.”